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Barbershop Software

ISKEDO a cutting-edge barbershop software will completely transform your barbershop experience. ISKEDO is specifically designed for barbershops and streamlines all aspects of your business, making it easier than ever to manage appointments, track customer preferences, and increase productivity. Say goodbye to manual booking systems and unnecessary paperwork; our platform provides smooth online booking, automated appointment reminders, and real-time availability updates, allowing you to fill your schedule while increasing your revenue. Our programme has built-in tools for client management, inventory keeping, and reporting, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing outstanding cuts and customer care. From decreasing no-shows to enhancing client happiness, our barbershop software is the best tool for easing business processes and taking your barbershop to next level. happiness, our barbershop software is the best tool for easing business processes and taking your barbershop to next level.

Take control of your time. Barbershops are evolving to provide a broader range of services and client experiences. They require an all-in-one barbershop appointment software platform that is up to date.  

ISKEDO allows you to handle everything from personnel scheduling to mobile POS to marketing initiatives. You’ll also improve the waiting or walk-in experience, all from a single platform.  

ISKEDO can predict future vacancies, fill scheduling gaps, and send text reminders, allowing you to spend more time with your visitors.  

Barber Performance Analytics: ISKEDO  hair salon software gives you the access of the  analytics  that provide extensive information on each barber’s performance measures, such as appointment attendance rates, client satisfaction ratings, and average service times. This tool assists barbershops in identifying high-performing barbers, identifying areas for improvement, and optimising scheduling to increase efficiency and customer happiness. Maintain your talent and build your business. 

Give your team real-time insights into their re-bookings and up-sells, the convenience of instant tip payouts, and fewer administrative tasks—across one or more locations. ISKEDO is a modern appointment booking software frequently incorporates reporting and analytics tools, which give barbershops significant insights into their business performance. From booking trends and client preferences to income estimates, these insights help barbershops make informed decisions and optimise their operations for success. 

Higher revenue, less frustration. Leading barbershops use ISKEDO to manage memberships, self-service booking, and seamless payments.  

ISKEDO not only streamlines chores like payroll, reporting, and personnel scheduling, but it also helps your business develop with automated marketing, digital gift cards, and add-on opportunities all from your chair.

Flexible Customisation: The most recent appointment scheduling software is extremely customisable, allowing barbershops to personalise the platform to their unique needs and branding. Barbershops may provide their clients with a seamless and branded booking experience by customising booking forms, adding service descriptions, or integrating with other technologies. 

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