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24/7 appointment booking

ISKEDO allows you convenient and hassle-free booking any time anywhere. Now, no need to bother about working hours for scheduling appointments. This platform will allow your customers to book time slots whenever you are free. Clients can see the available slots and schedule appointments.

In-built Calendar

The in-built calendar in ISKEDO facilitates appointment booking as per your time. You can see the available time slot, choose the day as per your availability, and book an appointment. The in-built calendar provides many other features you can refer to it as a calendar booking App.

Appointment Reminder

Now forget about missing the booked appointment. ISKEDO will never your clients miss an appointment. It will keep reminding them by sending SMS or by e-mail notifications. It reduces the chances of a no-show.

Data Security

ISKEDO is a secure platform. As it keeps your data encrypted and secure. Nobody can access or steal your personal information or data. Let it be your teams’ credentials or your customers’ all remain secure. ISKEDO understands and respects the significance of privacy. This platform adheres to privacy conditions.


ISKEDO is a versatile platform that works effectively for professionals and customers. It is user-friendly and easy to operate. You need not be adept or skilled in computer usage to use this appointment booking App. You all easily follow the given instructions and use them effectively. It is iPhone and Android Compatible.

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