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Iskedo Providers App

Unlock the Potential of your business with the convenience of ISKEDO.

ISKEDO is a conventional app designed and built with the perspective of increasing your clientele. This app can prove to be a stress reliever for the salon, gym, parlor, and astrologers.

As a service provider, you can use this conventional app to transform your work culture. You can make your salon or gym approachable via the app. All you need to know is to add services so that your prospective clients can access and book it online.

Add your employees: You can create your services and add your existing employees or new employees by sending them an invite. 

View Appointments: As a provider, you can view the detailed appointments of your customers and customers under your team. 

Calendar: latest in-built calendar allows you to see the present day, upcoming seven days, and months’ appointments of your clients and appointments of your team. 

Availability settings: Set your working hours or availability hours for clients. Set your availability and unavailability with customized availability settings. 

Reduced no-shows: Reduce the number of no-shows with repeated and timely automatic reminders to your customers. 

Services location-wise:  if you have multiple branches or locations you can trace and track your services, income generated location wise just a single click. 

Chat: Connect with your team and chat with your customers without any constraints. 

Track earnings: You can track your earnings of multiple locations using ISKEDO. Now no more mismanagement. 

Rush hours: check your peak hours or most favorable client hours to conveniently handle the clients. 

Feedback: Check your reviews and ratings to boost your income by improving on the lacunas. 

Data security: Your personal information and client information is safe and secure with ISKEDO. Your chat and data are encrypted. 

Perks for customers: 

Online bookings: This platform allows you anytime, anywhere bookings without any time constraint. 

Convenient Rescheduling: You can easily schedule or reschedule your appointments in case of an emergency 

Reminders:  you need not personally call your clients as they will be getting timely appointment reminders via SMS and e-mail. 

Chat: your clients can easily get in touch with you any time via chat. 

Feedback: clients possess the ability to give the desired feedback. They can rate you as per the level of services you provide. 

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