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Salon Software

Salon software created to help you expand your business.  

ISKEDO is proven to be the best salon software for  the most comprehensive growth software for salons, allowing owners and franchisors to manage and grow their businesses from anywhere.  

Whether you have one or more locations, ISKEDO can be used as beauty parlour software as it streamlines your operations by combining online scheduling, fast check-in, social media integrations, personalised marketing campaigns, inventory management, easy analytics, and more.  

Unconstrained Staff Management: ISKEDO will help you streamline your staff scheduling and management processes. From a single centralised platform, you can easily allocate appointments, track personnel availability, and manage commissions and payment. With real-time insights on employee performance and productivity, you can optimise workforce levels, increase efficiency, and provide great service to every client. 

Mange your Inventory and retail sales: With our salon software, you can control your inventory and retail sales. Track product inventory levels, manage supplier orders, and generate thorough data to improve inventory management and profitability. With integrated POS capabilities, you can effortlessly process retail transactions and accept a variety of payment methods, providing your customers with a seamless shopping experience. 

Our spa booking software provides the utmost ease and relaxation. Our software is designed to streamline the booking process and improve the spa experience for both clients and staff. It includes user-friendly features that make making appointments a snap. From seamless online booking and real-time availability to automated reminders and confirmations, our spa booking software guarantees that clients have a smooth and hassle-free experience. Spa owners may optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and deliver outstanding service to every client by utilizing customizable settings and full reporting tools. With our spa booking software, you can say goodbye to scheduling headaches and welcome to a more efficient and successful spa. 

Supports business decision making: Comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions allow you to make informed business decisions. Our salon software provides customisable reports on critical performance parameters such as appointment bookings, revenue, client retention, and more. With actionable analytics at your fingertips, you can spot trends, measure progress towards your objectives, and drive strategic growth efforts. 

Scalable and customisable solution: Whether you have a single salon or a chain of locations, our salon software can be scaled to match your changing requirements. With customisable features and various price plans, you may customise the programme to meet your specific business needs and budget. Furthermore, our dedicated support team is available to give continuing training and help, ensuring that you get the most of your investment. 

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