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Nail Salon Management Software 

With unforeseen advancement in the beauty industry each of its segments have seen a new dawn, let it be make-up world or spa or nail art sector.  Nail art salons are gaining as wider currency as a popular beauty salons. If you are also dreaming to surge higher in the nail salon business then you can try ISKEDO an unconventional platform built to meet your salon management needs. It works as a competitive nail salon booking app. 


Nail salon management software that is ISKEDO is designed with a potential to transform the way nail salons function, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlining administrative processes, improving client experience, and increasing business efficiency. This unique program offers a variety of nail salon-specific functions such as appointment scheduling, customer administration, inventory tracking, and payment processing. Nail salon management software, with its user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, allows salon managers to effortlessly manage appointments, efficiently assign services to nail techs, and keep full client profiles for personalized care. Automated reminders reduce no-shows, while inventory control solutions keep nail polishes and supplies well-stocked. Additionally, integrated payment processing enables secure transactions for services, retail products, and tips. By leveraging these features, nail salon management software helps salon operators focus on providing outstanding nail services. 

If you own a nail salon and looking for a advanced technology to revolutionize your business then this is a high time to  take a step into the future of nail salon management with ISKEDO  nail salon software. Our unique platform is designed to streamline every part of running your salon, allowing you to focus on what you do best: producing amazing nail art and providing outstanding care to your clients. 

ISKEDO can help your nail art salon in:  

  • Brand Image: Establishing a brand image and winning recognition 
  •  Effective client management: Managing your clients and nail Artists without any chaos 
  • Optimized team management: manage your team at a single click using your handy mobile device. 
  •  24/7 appointment scheduling:Offers unconstrained appointment scheduling 
  •  Maximum productivity: Fill appointment slots efficiently to maximize income possibilities. 
  • Alluring offers: Offer upsells or add-on services during the booking process to increase sales. Fill appointment slots efficiently to maximize income possibilities. 
  • Modes of payment acceptance: Accept payments for services and retail products, accept different forms of payment, and offer sales data to track revenue and performance. 
  • Key performance Insights:Get comprehensive reports and insights into key performance criteria such as sales, revenue, customer retention, and appointment trends to help you make data-driven decisions and grow your business. 
  •  Tempt new customers: Use built-in marketing tools such as email campaigns, loyalty programs, and incentives to attract new consumers, retain existing ones, and increase sales. 
  •  Offers Flexibility: To ensure smooth operation, tailor the software to your nail salon’s specific needs and integrate it with other tools and platforms such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, and social media channels. 

You can use ISKEDO effectively as a best nail salon software and meet the needs and the requirements of your clients in an effective manner.

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