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Fitness & Recreation

Taking care of fitness is an indispensable need of the hour owing to the sedentary lifestyle. Those who find yoga and exercise boring can club fitness and recreation. They can use this client-centric application and used to join the gym during their available hours.

Users can successfully use this app and focus on their health and fitness without compromising their work. This Fitness Appointment Booking Software has the potential to change your life for the better.


Gym instructors can effectively use this app and build their clientele, they can also provide gym services at their free hours. ISKEDO works like a Fitness Studio and Gym Scheduling Software. Gym Lovers can successfully use this app and make the most of their free time with flexibility.

Personal Trainers

ISKEDO is designed to keep the needs and the requirements of the personal trainers it works as a personal trainer scheduling App. Users can schedule appointments with the Personal fitness trainers in advance for a week or a month and can conveniently focus on their health and fitness.

Yoga Lessons

If you want to revive the ancient Indian way of getting rid of diseases and want to restore your health, yoga lessons are something you would like to go for. ISKEDO effectively functions as a Yoga Class Scheduling Software. You can hire a yoga instructor and schedule appointments at your available hours.

Dance Instructors

Well! If you are a passionate dance lover and unable to spare time as well as looking for a company ISKEDO platform can do wonders. This platform functions as a Dance Studio Scheduling Software. You can use the customized calendar and schedule appointments for yourself.

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