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Scheduling Software

Discover the true power of efficiency as you embrace the ease of managing your appointments through Iskedo.

"Effortless appointments, anytime, anywhere"

ISKEDO is the latest, revolutionary, and unconventional appointment booking Software. It is designed to cater to the needs of business professionals and their clients. Conceived and executed with the perspective of reducing administrative tasks. The Appointment booking app is created to make appointment scheduling a hassle less process. It will boost sales and increase the clientele. ISKEDO can streamline your journey toward professional services and an unforeseen level of convenience.

Calendar Integration

Sync our app with your device's calendar to effortlessly manage your schedule. Get a comprehensive view of your appointments, including upcoming, rescheduled, or canceled ones.

Customizable Notifications

Stay on top of your appointments with customizable notifications. Receive reminders for upcoming appointments, confirmations, and any changes or cancellations.

Appointment Booking

Our app offers a hassle-free appointment booking process. Browse through available time slots, select your preferred date and time, and book appointments in just a few taps.

Secure and Private

Our app adheres to stringent data protection standards and complies with relevant privacy regulations, ensuring that your information is handled with care. 

Introducing Dark theme

The dark theme involves user interface elements, such as backgrounds, text, icons, and other visual components, to darker shades.

The implementation of dark theme is to reduce the amount of bright light emitted by screen, making it more comfortable for users to view and navigate the app in dimly lit surroundings.

Frequently asked questions

ISKEDO is a latest appointment booking application that can help to smoothen and ease your administrative tasks. 

  • It can help to boost your business, 
  • It can contribute to increase your clientele 
  • Better customer satisfaction 
  • Inbuilt calendar 
  • Repeated SMS reminders 

ISKEDO is an Appointment building application, it has an in-built calendar to facilitate easy and customizable appointment scheduling. It allows customers to schedule appointment as per their need and requirement. Clients can book the appointments 24/7 at their convenience. You can see the calendar in the app, see the vacant spot and time that suits you and book the appointment. It will provide you confirmation notification of booked appointment, will send you reminders on email and SMS. 

Absolutely. You can join up for a free ISKEDO account without entering into a contract and without using a credit card. If you use ISKEDO Pro or Team, you are free to terminate your subscription at any moment during the current monthly cycle. 

This application caters the needs and the requirements of the professionals and clients dealing with salons, parlors, gym, fitness trainers, yoga instructors and many more. 

This Appointment scheduling app will save your precious time that goes in vain sitting in long queues waiting for your turn. It gives your convenience of book Appointment any time anywhere. 

Yes! This versatile platform allows you to cancel, reschedule or postpone your appointments. With terms and conditions applicable. 

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