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Overcoming Negative Feedback: How to Enhance Salon Customer Satisfaction

Ways of enhancing customer satisfaction:

By now you must have realised that customer satisfaction is pertinent to the success of any business. So, there is a high need to enhance customer satisfaction to maintain a positive image. Some of the prominent ways of enhancing customer satisfaction are:

Give Excellent Customer Service:

Being a salon professional or any other service provider you must ensure that the client leaves with a smile and satisfaction on his face. The primary motive should be to provide unsurpassed services. If you are doing your job in the best way with a pleasant smile your task is done.

Skilled Employees and best products:

Selecting and hiring an appropriate employee who is not only skilled and adept in his work but also good at building rapport is important. Make sure that the people working in your salon have the newest methods and trends in mind, as well as extensive training and experience. To provide clients with the finest results, choose hair and beauty products of the highest calibre. Good products always give the best results.

Personalised Experience:

every client is different, his expectations and requirements are also going to be different. So, customise offerings to meet the requirements and tastes of each unique client. Teach your employees to empathise with and actively listen to customers’ concerns.


Every single day and every client matters, so make an effort to provide all employees with consistently high-quality services. Your single negative act or ignorant behaviour makes or mars the day of the customer and may tarnish your image.


Welcome Feedback, Establish a setting in which clients are at ease offering comments, both favourable and unfavourable. Positive comments and reviews work as motivation and serve as food for the brain, however negative feedback from the clients offers you an opportunity to peep inside

the flaws and ways to rectify them. Provide several avenues for feedback, including social media, online questionnaires, and in-person interactions.

Respond to Unfavourable Advice:

Remain Calm and Professional and handle unfavourable criticism in a composed and appropriate manner. Refrain from being combative or defensive. If your client seems to be annoyed or in a bad mood you need to convince the client and understand his opinion. Show that you take consumer issues seriously by promptly responding to negative feedback. You must know the skill to handle negative feedback. salon customer reviews

Express Apologies and Accept Responsibility:

Express your regret for any inconvenience caused and accept accountability for the problem, no matter who was at blame. Try to empathize with the client, understand his situation, and work out to provide the best solution. Make suggestions on how to make things right, such as offering a refund, a free service, or some other kind of payment. After the problem has been resolved, proceed with the services.

Learn from Feedback: Feedback gives you an appropriate understanding of your actual situation. Where you are standing. Take negative comments seriously and examine unfavorable comments to find trends and areas that need work.

Staff Training:

In light of the input gathered, give staff members more training. Try to dig out the root cause of the negative feedback and work on the eradication of that. To avoid reoccurring problems, review and enhance salon procedures.

Rewards Programme: Establish a loyalty program that provides loyal consumers with special benefits, free services, or discounts. As a way to thank loyal customers, periodically run sales and promotions. Send individualised greetings to clients on their birthdays or other significant events to help them feel appreciated.

Virtual Presence:

To create a vibrant online community, continue to be actively involved on social media sites. To highlight the skills of your salon, provide before and after pictures of happy clients.Positive Reviews: Request that pleased clients provide positive evaluations on websites such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

Constant Enhancement:

Educate employees on the newest methods, trends, and best practices for customer service. To determine areas for improvement and to assess client happiness, conduct surveys regularly. Remain Innovative: To remain competitive and satisfy shifting client needs, never stop improving your offerings.

Thus, keep in mind that finding satisfied customers takes constant work. You can build a salon experience that encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth by continuously offering exceptional service, actively addressing negative criticism, and making improvements based on input from consumers. You can establish your company, or salon as a brand in the market just by focusing on the reviews and ratings. Salon customer reviews have a predominant role to play let it be on the online platform or by word of mouth. These days software and applications are working as a great aid in improving customer services and increasing client satisfaction. You can also opt for some applications like ISKEDO an app specifically designed to boost your clientele and increase your business. It can simplify the task of obtaining customer feedback and retaining the clients for longer.

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