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Service Provider

ISKEDO appointment scheduling software has a potential to offer uncountable benefits to the  service providers in an array of industries by improving booking processes, optimizing resource allocation, and increasing client satisfaction. Service providers may schedule appointments more efficiently, decrease double bookings, and avoid scheduling conflicts by using a centralized platform for appointment management. Automated appointment reminders help to reduce no-show rates and ensure clients come on time, making better use of service providers’ time and resources. Furthermore, scheduling software frequently incorporates client management tools, which enable service providers to maintain extensive customer profiles, preferences, and appointment histories.

This allows for personalized service delivery and creates deeper client relationships. Furthermore, appointment scheduling software provides flexibility and convenience for both service providers and clients, with online booking choices available at all hours of the day and night. Finally, by automating administrative activities, ISKEDO allows service providers to focus on providing high-quality services and developing their businesses by improving client communication and appointment management. 

Parlour, gym, yoga, astrology service providers can see a life transforming change in their business and these service providers can see their business growth using ISKEDO appointment scheduling software in the  following ways:


Streamline class scheduling and effectively manage instructor availability.  
Using automatic appointment reminders can help reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.  
Optimise resource allocation by efficiently arranging equipment and staff shifts.  
Enhance the member experience by providing convenient online booking options for classes and personal training.  
Increase employee productivity by automating administrative activities like appointment scheduling and reminders.  

Yoga Centres

Simplify class scheduling and easily manage instructor availability.  
Offer convenient online booking options for yoga sessions, workshops, and events.  
Automated appointment reminders help to reduce no-shows and enhance attendance rates.  
Maintain detailed client profiles to ensure personalised service and communication.  
Analyse class attendance and booking trends to improve class scheduling and offerings.

Beauty parlours

Book appointments for a variety of beauty services, such as haircuts, facials, and waxing.  
Reduce missed appointments by sending automatic reminders to clients. 
Manage worker schedules and resources effectively via appointment reservations. 
Maintain client profiles with full service histories and preferences to ensure personalised service. 
Clients will appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of online booking. 

Makeup Artists

Schedule makeup appointments for weddings, events, and photo shoots with ease. 
Schedule appointments with various customers and locations in a seamless manner. 
Send automated reminders to clients to increase timeliness and eliminate no-shows. 
Manage bookings and availability from your mobile device using scheduling software. 
Provide a professional and streamlined booking experience for clients to increase their happiness.


Schedule astrology consultations and appointments efficiently to ensure that everything runs well. 

Maintain comprehensive client databases that include birth information, consultation history, and preferences. 

To prevent no-shows and boost attendance rates, send clients automatic appointment reminders. 

Analyse customer data and appointment trends to provide personalised service and consultations according to individual needs. 

Provide online booking options for consultations and readings so that clients may arrange sessions more easily. 

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