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Astrologers are also seeking a platform that can contribute to managing their tasks, clients, and team single-handedly. Astrology is something that is widely used and trusted by people from time immemorial. Let it be numerologists, palmists, or horoscope readers this platform can make your work organized. You can refer to it as an Appointment Booking Software for Astrologers.

Astrologers can considerably benefit by using appointment scheduling software by streamlining their booking procedures and improving their overall practice management. This platform can prove to be a great help for astrologers and contribute to making their business more organized.

Customizing Availability: Astrologers frequently have irregular schedules, so look for software that enables you to customize your availability according to the times you like for appointments.

Time Zone Conversion: To minimize misunderstanding if you have clients from several time zones, be sure this program can handle time zone conversions.

Integration with Calendar: To avoid double bookings, make sure the program can sync with your current calendar (such as Google Calendar or Outlook).

ISKEDO is a revolutionary software that enables you to keep a customer database with their contact information, birth information, and appointment history is important for client management.

Reminders and Notifications: ISKEDO understands that Astrologer’s time is precious so to decrease no-shows and keep everyone informed, ISKEDO automatically sends reminders and notifications to both you and your clients.

Customizable Booking Form: Astrologers may find it quite helpful to be able to ask customers particular questions or for details about their births via a customizable booking form. The in-built chat facilitates effective and flawless communication.

ISKEDO understands the significance and importance of data privacy. Data privacy and security should be given top priority by this appointment scheduling software, especially when managing sensitive customer information. It ensures the client’s information is kept safe and secure.

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