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Salon & Beauty

ISKEDO works as an incredible platform for salon and beauty business professionals and their clients. ISKEDO functions as a Salon Booking system with the potential to book an appointment anytime and anywhere.

Beauty professionals can reliably use this app. Beauty experts from all spheres let it be hairdressers, hair salons, barbers Nail salons this App can flexibly work for everyone.

Hair Salon

The incredible features of ISKEDO make it a top-notch hair salon booking app. It can function to reduce administrative tasks and can make our hair salon more professional in outlook and services. You can connect with your clients and resolve their queries via the chat feature in-built in-app.


If you are running a simple barber shop and want to go digital and want to build your clientele ISKEDO can serve as a Barber booking app for you. Never underestimate your potential and business. Build better client relationships via this app.

Nail Salons

Manicure and nail art is something heart-winning for girls. With the rise in the Nail art lovers, there is a rise of Nail art Salons also. So this appointment booking App can be effectively used as a Nail Salon Scheduling Software. It will work great for professionals and clients.

Hair Braiding

Hairstyle has become something very crucial part of the personality, and so is the Hair Braiding salon. ISKEDO can be used by professionals dealing with hair braiding. Apart from other essential services, ISKEDO can be considered a dynamic Hair Salon booking Platform.

Tanning Salons

The scorching and biting heat of summer leaves your complexion tarnished, so Tanning Salons come to the rescue. ISKEDO is an in-one solution that works as a Tanning Salon Appointment Software. Many people are yet not familiar with Tanning salons and their special tanning removal services. This Salon booking App will satisfactorily solve the purpose.

Tattoo Studios

Tattoo art has become unexpectedly popular among the masses. ISKEDO is the Booking App For Tattoo Artists too. It will serve the purpose of the clients and the Tattoo Professionals too.


A sedentary lifestyle and hectic life schedule make it pertinent to visit spas. They give you an incomparable relaxing experience. If you are running a spa you can boost your clients and increase client satisfaction by using this Spa Scheduling Software. It is an effective Spa management software.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is something the rejuvenates mind and body. Massage Therapists are flourishing and making a mark in the field. So, if you are running a Massage Therapy centre you use this Online Booking System for Massage and Body Treatment.

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